Company Milestone


Gooxi was founded in Zhongguancun Beijing.
Launched its first product – 1U 4 tray H/S chassis, RM1004-660.


Launched its first generation 2U 6 tray H/S chassis, RM2006-650, and 2U 12 tray RM2012-650 in November.
Registered and approved of two national intellectual property patents for SAS hot-swap circuit diagram and SAS High speed signal circuit layout.
Sales  revenue crossed 2 million USD.


Shenzhen Guoxin hengyu Technology was built as production center. HongKong branch is established in the same year.
Launched its 3U 16-bay and 4U 24-bay to meet different requirement of various customer.
Registered and approved of two intellectual property patents for high density storage architecture and design principle of expander backplane in Shenzhen China.


Established strategic cooperative partnership with LSI to develop storage chassis.
Launched China’s first SAS expander chassis RM3016-660-BE and high density server chassis RM2024-660, breakthrough the server market monopoly by Tier-1 brand Sales value crossed 5 million USD.


Launched China’s first SAS expander card.
Registered and approved of four national intellectual property patents, appearance of high density server bezel and the bezel; the integrative high density server backplane and chassis.
Launched the 2nd generation hot-swap server chassis, RM1004-660, RM2008-660 and RM2012-660, product upgrade is completed.
Launched China’s first 2U 4node, high density server platform, 4U 10 node is published later in the same year.
Annual shipments of hot-swap chassis is more than 35 thousands units, total shipment for all chassis is more than 100 thousands units, and Gooxi become the leader storage chassis factory in China.


Established relationship of strategic partnership with Intel.
Launched IOT all-in-one machine, and passed the test of China national IOT organization and intel IOT laboratory.
Sales revenue reaches 9 million USD,  takes the biggest share in China channel market.


Shenzhen Guoxin Hengyu Technologies Co. Ltd is founded to start server barebone research and development.
Launched China’s first micro server motherboard in 3 month from zero.
Co-operated closely with Intel® Embedded Design Center in deepening the strategic partnership.
Launched high density storage platform base on RAM architecture, passed the test by China Telecom.
Registered and approved the national intellectual property patent for motherboard of high density system and design principle of high density server backplane.
Launched China’s first micro blade sever barebone system, filled the gaps in native server industry. Step into overseas markets and compete with global players.


Launched first generation high density, modular single/dual and storage server system.
Establish our USA Office in Fremont, California
Global revenue is reach to 60 million RMB (9.2 million USD) through expanding our global market in Germany, United State and more.
Gooxi is awarded by high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen China.


First generation of dual nodes, quad nodes server and storage system is announced.
Gooxi is qualified the national high-tech enterprise and software certification.
Overall 71 inventions on Gooxi products are accomplished, include software copyrights, exterior design patents and many more patents are registered and approved by the Shenzhen China government.


The 4th Generation 4th server chassis is announced.
The 2nd Generation Purley General Server is announced.
Establish USA branch and Taiwan R&D center.
Reach historic high revenue 180 million RMB (23 million USD) with 50% of Global growth.