How to Apply: 

    1、Please send your resume to the following,And indicate the position on the resume;

Job titleRecruitmentLocationDetails
Oversea Sales Manager


Shenzhen Qualifications
1.Female, 26 years old, or more.
2.Must have more than 2 years oversea sales experiences, from new client development, valuable product or project recognition and follow-up, price negotiation, after-sales service, client relationship maintenance, and etc.
3.Have sold electronics, or industrial products like power supply, mobile phone, tablet PC, cables, etc.
4.Very familiar with oversea sales risk, and know how to control cargo and payment relationship;
5.Attending exhibition experience is preferable;
6.Fluency in English, oral, written, listening and great reading comprehension.
7.Good at of self-emotion control: optimistic although difficulties, proactive, hard-working, brave, firm and persistent; capable to learn efficiently.
Job Description
1.Efficient learning our company products, project flow, and industrial knowledge;
2.Responsible for client sample quality, and delivery time;
3.Develop new clients, and make deals based on skillful business negotiation, manage exporting cargo and payment security and punctuality.
4.Execute company policy and achieve sales target in allocated sales areas, and investigate relative products trend for target areas;
5.Maintain client satisfaction, update client analysis report from time to time,
6.attend oversea exhibition if outstanding.
Business Assistant2
ShenzhenMainly Daily Duties:
1. Communicate with oversea customer, and reply daily email to customer and factory.
2. Follow up all kinds of samples including new development and showroom samples or bulk production.
3. Hold development meeting with oversea customer every season.
4. Take care of all production issue and follow up the schedule and watch out the overall quality.
5. Solve problems during working process and communicate with customer and factory in smart skill.
6. Others that leader assigned.