Policy & Warranty

     Below policy and warranty is suitable for all GOOXI product that is purchased from GOOXI company and the dealers or integrators that authorized by GOOXI after September 1th, 2009.
     1.GOOXI solemnly promise that:our products have stable performance and reliable quality,there is no problem in product material and processing.
     2.GOOXI will provide replacement service within three months in case of quality problem which caused by hardware or software failure since customer purchased.As the products that returned back, customers need provide the return reason and get GOOXI confirmation, otherwise GOOXI may refuse to accept. After GOOXI after-sales department agreed to accept the offer, maintenance and replacement will be completed in 7 working days, both sides burden the resulting freight half; If inventory quantity limitation, there is no replacement returned goods inventory, GOOXI  must be returned at least 30 days prior to production and replacement products, GOOXI must communicate and confirm with the customer.
     3.Since the date of purchase, GOOXI provide 3 years free-warranty, GOOXI after-sales service department will be free for maintenance to user. Warranty date shall prevail for the effective certificate of invoice. If you can't provide invoices, start date will be subject to GOOXI production date.
    4.For products during the warranty, GOOXI efforts to achieve rapid maintenance. Normal maintenance time less than 10 working days (do not include transportation time back and forth). Back to the customer's transportation costs will be paid by GOOXI. If special transportation needs, please contact the GOOXI after-sales customer service.
    5. the following does not belong to the warranty scope:
  (1)out of the guarantee date;
   (2)Accident damage in the process of transportation, including damage happened during repair transit (please contact the insurance company or agent transportation company compensation);
   (3)During the warranty period, due to improper use or man-made damage, scratches, deformation of products, electronic parts damage, improper operation, improper testing or product external causes, including surge or overheat, too wet, power outages, earthquake, lightning, fire and other natural disasters) , any of these result to any failure or defect, such as the damage caused by the product itself quality problem;
   (4)Surface damage, the product by dust, dirt, mechanical parts and accessories with the product itself outside the normal appearance of wear and tear;
   (5)Anyone without GOOXI maintenance center or authorized dealer maintenance and repair without authorization;
   (6)This limited warranty does not include consumable or non GOOXI products or accessories and GOOXI  products compatibility issues with other hardware and software products.
   (7)In any case, the customer fraud is confirmed by the GOOXI reprocessed product inconsistent with the content, not after.
     6.The new bad: customers receive products when unpacking the case found the poor and the arrival time of less than a month, GOOXI can send replacement parts to the customer first, the customer of the bad parts need GOOXI sent back within five working days, logistics costs borne by GOOXI need both sides talks things over (Courier charges), the customer will need to send GOOXI after-sales personnel returned logistics single number.
    7.Maintenance fee: more than warranty period or during the warranty period for quality issues, such as product deformation, scratches, electronic parts damage, improper operation, such as Gooxi not promised to give free maintenance, need to be produced in the process of maintenance fee: as artificial cost, the entire transport cost and maintenance cost of replacement parts, etc., in the relevant expenses GOOXI will verify with the customer.
    8.Maintenance: after the date of warranty that above mentioned, GOOXI can provide additional services up to 2 years after the due date, cost extra to charge. If GOOXI product can’t be repaired, customer can choose to use repair or replace the defective product have the same function products. Relevant expenses GOOXI will verify with the customer.
    9.Product has a fault which is beyond the scope of the warranty to GOOXI maintenance center repair, shipper or shipping company will bear all transportation costs.
    10.Please contact the GOOXI maintenance center of any form of special warranty maintenance requirements.
   The warranty applies to the GOOXI and its authorized dealer sales of products of the company, any other form of guarantee shall, on the basis of this agreement. GOOXI has the final explanation on all warranty issues.

After Service

Thank you for reading this service note. Gooxi is proud to offer you the most professional and efficient after-sales service. Gooxi solemnly promises that the products produced and sold are stable and reliable, and there are no problems with the material and process of the product. We provide technical support for Gooxi specific systems and motherboards, system maintenance, product warranty and other related after-sales service , To help customers solve the hardware warranty period or warranty period outside the machine or parts aging, error, performance damage, lack of stability or other problems that lead to business impact.

1, after-sales service Contact:

● Call Gooxi National Service Hotline: 400-8060-820

● send an email to support@ gooxi.com

2, after-sales service range:

Gooxi and all Gooxi products purchased from Gooxi approved distributors or integrators

3, after-sales service content:

● 3 months replacement: in accordance with the Gooxi warranty service agreement

● 3 year free warranty: according to Gooxi warranty service agreement

● product training and market training services

● Technical remote support, including but not limited to 400 phone support, mail support, remote support

● Accessories replacement service (free or charged costs by Gooxi professional engineers according to the actual situation);

● Customized services (only for customized products and customers)

● on-site tracking service and on-site maintenance services (for the needs of customers)

4, the following conditions do not enjoy Gooxi after-sales service rights:

System rework:

● Damage to the system or components / components caused during transport

● Nonox Gooxi production assembled Gooxi servers, systems and other products

● Customers have unauthorized installation of additional components or components in the system, resulting in damage and malfunction of Gooxi products

● Incorrectly assembled parts or components, resulting in damage and malfunction of Gooxi products


● Accessories that are delivered together, such as operating materials, peripherals, frames and covers

● any damage caused by improper handling, misuse or improper packaging

● If the motherboard does not repair or repair the required parts has been discontinued, Gooxi must follow the customer's advice will be the motherboard "as is" returned to customers or customers can choose the same function of the product replacement defect products. Relevant charges Gooxi must be verified with the customer.

Gooxi warranty applies to Gooxi system, motherboard after-sales service. If any additional costs or replacement of the device, notify the customer. For products that are repaired or can not be repaired, Gooxi installs the system / server and sends it back to the customer in the same way as the shipping or packaging.