Gooxi G1SA  single socket ATX server motherboard is designed based on Intel X86 and Denlow platform with ntel PCH C22X chipset, supporting the latest generation Haswell CPU. It is compatible with Haswell-Refresh and Broadwell CPU that is to be published. Dual channel DDR3-1333/1600 ECC UDIMM is supported.

    Product features:
    ◆  Intel Denlow platform matching with LGA1150 CPU and Intel Xeon Processor E3-1200 V3/V4 series, Haswell-Refresh and Broadwell series processor is compatible
    ◆  The latest Intel PCH C22Xsouth bridge chip
    ◆  Standard ATX,12"X 9.6"(30.5cm x24.4cm)
    ◆  4pcs DIMM Dual Channel, support 32GB ECC UDIMM maximumly.
    ◆  1pcs X16 PCI-E Slot(x8 PCI-E link), 2pcs X4 PCI-E Slot(X1 PCI-E link);
    ◆  6pcs SATA3.0 ports and RAID 0, 1, 5,10;
    ◆  4pcs externalUSB2.0 interface,2pcs internalUSB2.0 PIN and 1pcs Type A USB2.0 connector;
    ◆  1pcs VGA port and 1pcs RS-232 port;
    ◆  4pcs 1000Mbps internet controller embedded Intel i210-AT chip;
    ◆  The motherboard is put through strict quality controls, such as high temperature tests, temperature cycling testes、alternating temperature humidity tests in different complex conditions simulated by professional constant temperature and humidity testing equipment.
    ◆  Motherboard passed the full load tests in the conditions of normal temperature and high temperature through long time.
    ◆  Power conversion efficiency of motherboard is more than 90% based on ultra/optical low Rds(on) internal power MOSFET and optimized DC-DC switching power supply designation. Customized BIOS can switch off needless capabilities in order to reduce power dissipation, fans speed can be adjusted by BMC chip according to exact system temperature monitoring.
    ◆  Independent IPMI 1000Mbps management port to realise remote management ,control and iKVM function;
    ◆  G1SA has applied Aspeed AST1400 chip,BMC chip of G1SA-4B/4BS has applied Aspeed AST2400;
    ◆  G1SA-4BSmotherboard has applied LSI SAS2008 controller with two SFF-8087interface and eight SAS2.0 6Gb interface.


Motherboard typeGISA
 CPU support Intel Xeon Processor E3-1200 V3/V4 series

 Intel 4th Generation Core i3 series

 Pentium series 

 Celeron series

 Socket H3 (LGA1150) up to 84W CPU

Motherboard chipset Intel PCH Lynxpoint C222
 SAS chip N/A
 Memory 4* DIMM Slot DDR3 1066/1333/1600 ECC UDIMM,each DIMMcan support 16GB  maximumly,maximum 64GB for whole motherboard 
 SATA C222 for 4 SATA2.0 and 2 SATA3.0;C224 for 4 SATA3.0 and 2 SATA2.0;C226 for 6  SATA3.0,support RAID 0,1, 5,10
 LAN 4pcs Intel I210-AT 1GbE LAN Controller
 VGA Aspeed AST1400 Graphics
 Input/ output interface1pcs COM interface, 1pcs VGA port, 4pcs 100Mbps net port, 2pcs USB2.0 and 2pcs USB3.0  interface