Gooxi ST101-S12R is a storage product of large capacity, low power consumption and high density within 1U height. It has applied widely in data center, streaming media editing, large concentrated monitoring, cloud storage and etc. Gooxi ST101-S12R can support 12pcs HDD with 72TB of storage capacity maximumly. The minimum power consumption for each storage can be controlled less than 70W by special disk RAID technology and power on/off function, that can reduce operators' costs greatly. Standard 42U cabinet containing 42pcs ST101-S12R can get to the petabyte scale
    Gooxi ST101-S12R consists of HDD module, controller module and power module. The hot-swap design of these three modules can greatly reduce maintenance cost. The system can keep working normally even all 12pcs HDD are pulled out. This design can avoid replacing HDD with power off, meanwhile HDD can be replaced without tools in this system.

    Product functions and features:
    ◆  Support 12pcs HDD maximumly(2.5inch or 3.5inch HDD are compatible),There are 4pcs SATA dedicated ports and 8pcs SAS2.0/SATA3.0   universal ports
    ◆  Support an extra 2.5inch hot-swap SATA HDD
    ◆  PCI-E 8X expansion riser with controller is option
    ◆  HDD module, controller module and power module can be hot-swap
    ◆  Controller can support Intel Celeron,Pentium,i3 and E3-1200 V3/V4 CPU with LGA1150 socket
    ◆  Controller has four DIMM, system memory is 32GB at most
    ◆  SAS expander card embedded LSI 2008 chip in controller can support 8pcs SAS2.0 port, LSI 3008 chip is optional that can support 8pcs SAS3.0 12Gb/s port
    ◆  Dedicated 1000Mbs PMI management interface to realize remote management of storage system
    ◆  Visual management can be supported by VGA port
    ◆  Two 1Gb/s Ethernet ports
    ◆  Take Delta 460W gold efficiency 1+1 redundant power supply, this power module can be hot-swap
    ◆  RAID 0,1,10 are supported standardly, RAID 5,6,50,60 are optional


     System Node 1
     CPU 1

     Support 12pcs 3.5inch HDD or 12pcs 2.5inch HDD maximumly, and support 

     1pcs 2.5inch SATA hot swap HDD independently

     Memory Support 64GB VLP ECC DDR3-1600/1333/1066 UDIMM maximumly
     Product Dimension 800mm*448mm*43.5mm(length*width*height)
     MB Model G1SCW-BH

     Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 V3/V4 series

     Intel® 4th Generation Core i3/i5/i7 series

     Pentium series

     Celeron series

     Socket H3 (LGA1150) up to 84W CPU

     MB  Chip Intel® PCH Lynx point C222, C226 is option
     DIMM 4xDDR3 DIMM slot

     Up to 32GB  ECC DDR3-1600/1333/1066 UDIMM

     support 2GB, 4GB, 8GB,16GB

     OS HDD Connector Intel® RSTe Support software RAID 0, 1,5 & 10
     BMC Aspeed AST2400
     Graghics  Card Aspeed AST2400 64MB
     IPMI Support for Intelligent Platform Management Interface v2.0

     IPMI 2.0 with virtual media over LAN and KVM over LAN support ASPEED  AST2400 BMC

     Network 2xI210-AT 1GbE LAN controller
     USB 2xUSB2.0,  inbuilt 2xUSB2.0 connector 
     DOM Support SATA DOM power connector
       Power Supply Unit
     Power Quantity Support 2pcs
     Power Feature Delta 460W high efficiency power supply
    System  Fan
     FAN Quantity support 6pcs 4028 temperature control fan
     FAN Speed 11660 RPM maximumly
      Operating System

     Windows Server 2008 R2(64bit)

     Windows SBS 2011 (64bit)

     Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 (64bit)

     Redhat Enterprise Linux Server (32bit/64bit)

     Suse Enterprise Linux Server (32bit/64bit)

     UbuntuServer (32bit/64bit)


     VMWare ESXi(Target)

     Microsoft Hyper-V (Target)

     Citrix Xen Server(Target)

     Linux Kernel Virtual Machine (Target)

    Temperature and Humidity range
     System Temperature Working temperature: 10℃ ~ 35℃; Storage temperature:-40℃ ~ 70℃
     System HumidityWorking humidity:35%~80% ; Storage humidity:20% ~ 90%