Gooxi's participation contributes to Alibaba miracle

Company News 2015/3/17 16:51:10

Gooxi's participation contributes to Alibaba miracle

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             Alibaba is one of the  most popular internet enterprises in China even worldwide, and Gooxi is one of  the most outstanding companies in the field of server hardware technology. As is well-known,in China , annual“Double 11”  sales promotion has became  Chinese” Black Friday” that has  constantly broken through  its  transaction data just in  a day,therefore, Alibaba back end data server must be ensured its high stability and high performance.By its own R&D server hardware products ,Gooxi  has provided strong stable back end guarantee during“Double 11” promotion for Alibaba and has developed faithfully business cooperation and deep friendship since 2010.

                                                                 “Doubly 11” annual  data diagram

          In 2014,Gooxi had the honour to take part in “Open Rack V2”subject  application and development  accompanied with Alibaba,Baidu ,BAT and many other internet enterprises,low cost high performance server and data center  accorded with Chinese internet enterprise standard had been determined at last.

          Open Rack V2 whole cabinet server solution is the evolution version based on 1.0 technical manual ,it is still applied modular design solution and consists of seven parts ,that is cabinet subs-ystem,internet subsystem,power supply subsystem,server node subsystem,concentrated fan heat dissipation subsystem and concentrated management  subsystem.In July of the same year,Alirack was been launched in the Trusted Cloud Service Commit ,and then it has been widely applied in Alibaba data center and  Alibaba inner platform application.Compared to traditional ways,Alirac-k has made its server deployment efficiency promoted 10 times and TCO reduced 5% , by further optimization,TCO can be reduced 10% and it can be more energy saving .

           With  rapid development of Internet and mobile Internet industry in China, data amount has tended to explosive growth trend, new data centers have sprung up everywhere.Usually,it should take several years  and high costs  to establish data center,thus  cost reduction and efficiency promotion brought by“Open Rack V2” is of great significance.To promote performance and efficiency,Facebook,Google and other internet enterprises  abroad has gradually started  to apply the way combining self-design with customized-production.

         Gooxi sincerely hope to co-promote whole cabinet server solution ,modular Data Center,self-research exchanger and resource intelligent HD-CDMAGPS system,so that more companies  can benefit from  “Open Rack V2”.



    Alibaba Open Rack V2 cabinet and server  provided from Gooxi, maintenance from front side ,power supply and heat dissipation from back side

         Early in 2015,Gooxi has provided its latest high density server barebone (SY103-S06R/SY206-S12R, SY312-S24R and etc.)and  high density storage server system (ST101-S12R/ST201-S24R/ST401-S60R and etc.)  to Alibaba.  Gooxi  has received consistent high praise and the praise for its High R&D ability and high customized hardware service.And Gooxi latest barebone products  has meet  urgent needs to save space and energy maximumly in the industry by its unique high density,concentrated power supply and concentrated heat dissipation. Now Gooxi has been well-prepared for more stronger internet business roar,please wait and see.